Kendall Jenner Set To Leave 'KUWTK' To Focus On Modeling Career

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It’s virtually unheard of – a Kardashian who’s finished with reality TV. But that seems to be the case with Kendall Jenner.

Granted she’s a Jenner and not a Kardashian, but the young model appears to be done with Keeping up with the Kardashians and just wants to focus on bigger and better things.

Rumors that the 19-year-old wants to leave the show that made her family famous has been going on for a while. The gossip mill even went into overdrive when Kendall allegedly refused a spinoff series that would feature her and younger sister Kylie.

Her dwindling appearances on KUWTK have also sent fans of the show wondering if the end is near. In this season alone, Kendall has only appeared in a handful of episodes, most notably during the “About Bruce” special.

Her flourishing modeling career is said to be one major reason why fashion’s It girl wants to say goodbye to the reality show.

With Kendall already gracing the runways for Chanel and Marc Jacobs, it’s only logical to assume that more modeling gigs are on the way.

Sources have also indicated that Kris Jenner’s daughter has been advised by some people in the fashion industry that “being on reality TV could damage her modeling career.”

But leaving the show could also be Kendall’s way of getting away from her mother.

A clip from the Kardashians’ mid-season finale shows Kendall having dinner with her mom Kris when the two were in Paris. The model flipped when she found out that her mom would also be going to fashion week.

“Why are you following me everywhere,” Kendall asked before going on about how these trips are the only times she is alone.

There are countless possibilities open to Bruce Jenner’s young daughter and she seems ready to take them.

However, viewers will have to keep watching KUWTK to see if Kris is willing to let her daughter leave the family business.

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