Kendall Jenner Receives Apology from Bully Model

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Kendall Jenner was openly bullied by fellow models Lexie Boling and Binx Walton. Now Boling has issued an apology.

Hollywood Life reports that Boling drew first blood by commenting on a picture of Kendall Jenner preparing for the Donna Karan runway show, writing “she’s never looked better” with a laughing-through-tears emoji. Binx then joined in on the bullying, writing, “that’s f–ked up." She, too, added laughing emojis of her own.

This was the Instagram photo of Kendall Jenner on which Lexie Boling and Binx Walton left their bullying comments. All comments, including one Binx Walton left on Twitter, reading, "The season of the entitled," have been since removed.

Now is reporting that Lexie Boling has apologized for bullying Kendall Jenner. She issued a statement via her rep.

"I wasn't thinking and made a silly comment. Kendall's had a killer NYFW. A big congrats to her!"

Does that really sound like a genuine apology, or simply a way for Lexie Boling to attempt to save face?

Meanwhile Binx Walton has yet to say a word.

Kendall Jenner continued on throughout several more runway shows despite the bullying. She received lots of support from several of her fellow models.

People are bound to wonder if Kendall Jenner made it into the fashion world because of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians brand--or her mom Kris Jenner's connections. However, once Kendall did her first photo shoot, it was plain to see she is very good at what she does.

Do you expect Binx Walton will eventually apologize to Kendall Jenner? Are you surprised at all that bullying is this prevalent in the fashion model world?

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