Kendall Jenner: Has She Finally Had Enough Of Kris?

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Kris Jenner has been getting on everyone’s nerves lately, but especially her daughters’. Kim Kardashian has said on numerous occasions that she feels like her mother is competing with her and even copying her at times.

Younger sister Kendall seems to feel the same way. She has been upset with her mother recently because of how much she tries to push her daughters to do things that they may not necessarily want to do and also how she seems to compete with them.

On the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall lashed out at her mother for the way she had been acting. While Kris definitely needed the reality check, some of the things Kendall said were a little harsh.

“Eww mom, you’re so embarrassing, you need to act your age.” She then referred to Kris as a “desperate fu**ing whore.”

Fans were disappointed in Kendall's words and behavior and expressed their distaste on Twitter.

After a while, Kendall realized what she had said to Kris and started to feel bad. After a walk with her sister Khloe, she decided she needed to cut Kris a break.

She didn’t have the words for an apology, but a hug seemed to say it all. Kris was surprised to receive a hug from her recently stand-offish daughter and said, “Have you been drinking?”

Although Kris and Kendall have made up for now, it's only a matter of time until they are mad at each other again.

Do you think the family is really as dysfunctional as they seem or do they just act that way for the cameras?

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