Kendall Jenner: Did She Steal Justin Bieber From Selena Gomez?

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Singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly going through a rough patch in their relationship because of 18-year-old reality star Kendall Jenner. According to a source that spoke to, Jenner has been pursuing Bieber for a long time and Gomez has had enough of it.

Apparently, Gomez cut off her friendship with Jenner and sister Kylie earlier this year when Gomez found out that the sisters had been sending flirtatious text messages to Bieber.

“Kendall has been after him for years and Selena is over it,” said the source. The source also claims that Gomez also found text messages from Jenner in Bieber’s phone while the couple was on vacation in St. Maarten, and this was the reason they had a big fight at the airport there before their flight to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week.

In Paris, Jenner was reportedly seen having a secret dinner with Bieber on September 30. Gomez and Bieber were not seen together by the media during Paris Fashion Week, and rumors that they broke up last month because of Bieber’s flirtation with other girls circulated.

However, Bieber is reportedly claiming that his dinner with Jenner was platonic and has signified that he wants Gomez back in his life. Now it turns out, Gomez may have relented on Bieber’s dinner with Jenner, saying she may have overreacted about it.

“She hasn’t said that she’s going to take him back but that’s usually how it goes once they get back in touch,” an insider told “She’s been saying stuff about how she overreacted and how she has to take responsibility for her part in things so it definitely seems like she’s opened her heart up to him again.”

Gomez still seems to know how to get back at Bieber for his dalliance with Jenner. Gomez was part of Vancouver’s We Day on October 22, an event that was also attended by Orlando Bloom, with whom she was previously linked. “She was really focused on her speech and all the stuff she had to do there but she knows it freaked Justin out that they were there together,” said a source to

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