Kendall Jenner And Tyler, The Creator Are Not Really At Odds

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Kendall Jenner and rapper Tyler, the Creator are not really mad at each other.

Kendall Jenner and her sister, Kylie, as well as a few others like Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid, were attending the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend when an incident occurred that made the world stand back and prepare for a fight.

Kendall Jenner and her group made their way to watch Tyler, the Creator and seemed to be enjoying the show until Tyler said, "Kendall Jenner here, thinking she cute and s--t."

Then he added, "Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall... I'm over here to your right. F--k you."

Kendall Jenner returned the comment with her middle finger.

Just when we thought all hell was about to break loose, it seems it was nothing more than friendly jesting.

And so on...

Moral of the story: Thanks to Kendall Jenner, flipping someone off is now a sign of endearment. Finally!


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Of course, that public bird was just after the awkward incident between Kendall Jenner and Amber Rose.

Kendall Jenner reportedly had to have staff escort Amber Rose, whom she has already had beef with, out of her private cabana at the festival.

An eyewitness said that when Kendall spotted Amber Rose at her table, she said, "No way, this is not happening."

When Kendall Jenner had a staff member boot Amber Rose out of her cabana, Amber Rose exclaimed, "Well, my drink is here!"

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But Amber Rose had to go, drink or no drink, and witnesses said she gave Kendall Jenner plenty of the stink-eye on the way out.

Kendall Jenner seems to have enjoyed her eventful weekend at Coachella! What did you think about her mock feud with Tyler, the Creator?

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