Kelly Ripa Wants To Be 'Partnered Up' On Ashley Madison

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So apparently, anything can now be a headline, including the curious case of the flustered Kelly Ripa in a segment about Ashley Madison on last week’s  Live With Kelly and Michael.

The morning talk show host, together with her partner, Michael Strahan, talked about the latest buzz that is the Ashley Madison meltdown.

Ashley Madison, with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” is a dating site for married men and women. So, it’s basically a cheating pub for bored spouses. And in a recent comedic turn of events, the karma gods struck the website for adulterers by sending hackers to infiltrate and retrieve confidential information to the dismay of its users.

On Live With Kelly and Michael, the two hosts had a little chit chat regarding the site and Michael suddenly asked a riveting question that seemed to rattle Kelly a bit.

"So, question: What if your wife finds out that you're on Ashley Madison? But then you find out she's on it too?” Michael asked.

Well, clearly this has to confuse any heterosexual woman being asked a question about her wife.

Kelly replied with “Are you asking me, or are you asking…who are you asking? If I found out Mark was on Ashley Madison?”

The innocent question by Michael was the problem, contextually that is.

That is, until Ripa started rambling.

"I hope we both are on Ashley Madison. I hope so," Ripa said. "I hope we get partnered up, that would be amazing. That would be incredible. I'm joining today. Babe, if you're watching this, and I know you're not, but if you are...if somebody is near Mark at the gym, join Ashley Madison. I'm going to do it today."

Luckily, we all had the answer we were looking for last Friday. So it turns out that Kelly had no clear idea what Ashley Madison was about.

"I didn't realize it was people who want to cheat on each other," she confessed. "I thought it was just men."

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