Kelly Ripa Tweets Impressive Ab Photo


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After seeing this new Tweet, those who were thinking about taking a holiday break from exercising may now want to reconsider.

Just yesterday, Kelly Ripa sent out a picture showing off her rock-hard abs to her legion of followers, and in just one day, the photo has been quickly making the Internet rounds.

It's no surprise that the 43-year old talk show host is in superb shape, as she's been known for years to be a fitness buff, often giving exercise and diet tips on her show "Live! with Kelly and Michael."

The photo shows Ripa in a difficult crunch position with her feet up against a wall that reads "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right," which suggests that one needs to get over the mental challenges of not wanting to workout.

Although a photo like this could be looked at as being braggadocios, it seems most of her Twitter followers are using it for inspiration. "Omg my fitness icon" one fan writes. "I wanna be Kelly Ripa when I grow up. Is that too much to ask?"

Another follower is more succinct in showing his or her appreciation. "Thank you for this!" the person writes, which shows that people seem to like seeing a mother of three in such good shape.

But how does Ripa do it, some might ask? Because with a demanding career, a family to look over and a busy schedule to contend with, you would think it would be hard for her to workout. In a previous interview, Ripa says it's more about watching what you eat than it is about exercising. In fact, she said the proper balance in being fit is actually 70% diet and 30% exercise.

Additionally, she says one's goal should be to maintain physical strength, not to be thin or ultra skinny. "I think strong is the new thin, " she's been quoted as saying. "I'm pretty fit and I'm really strong and that's more my mantra. It's not about being thin. Thin comes and goes."

So maybe you can use that type of reasoning when you're trying to stay away from all of those holiday goodies this season. Good luck, because you'll definitely need it.

Image via Wikimedia Commons