Kelly Ripa: Michael Strahan's Homewrecker?

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan have great chemistry on the air during their morning show, Live with Kelly & Michael. That is what makes the show so fun to watch.

However, that chemistry with Kelly Ripa is rumored to be causing some strife in Michael Strahan's relationship.

News broke on Friday that Michael was no longer engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Nicole Murphy.

Michael Strahan's rep said in a statement, “They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship.”

Reportedly, Michael works with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Michael in New York, while Nicole Murphy travels back and forth to film her TV show, Hollywood Exes. Nicole Murphy is the ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy.

The couple had been engaged for five years before breaking up. This news led to widespread speculation that the chemistry between Michael and Kelly Ripa may be more than just on air.

Back in April, Nicole made remarks to talk show host Wendy Williams that indicated the couple was having trouble finding time to plan a wedding. She said, “We might just have to run off and elope. We’ve been busy though, this has been crazy.”

She added, “The man’s got 20 jobs right now. He’s just busy.”

One of those jobs was filming his show with Kelly Ripa.

During the same time period that she made those remarks, Nicole was combating rumors of unfaithfulness. She was rumored to be seen getting very close to French dancer Larry Bourgeois at a Hollywood party. She is also an admitted serial cheater. So is Kelly Ripa to blame? Or perhaps, more likely, Nicole Murphy?

Kelly Ripa has a famously good marriage to Mark Consuelos and the couple has three children together. They seem very happy and Kelly Ripa constantly gushes about her husband and family.

I would have a hard time believing that chemistry between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan is what ended his five-year engagement. Sounds like someone was maybe just (rightly) hesitant to marry a serial cheater?

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