Kelly Ripa Advises Michael Strahan To "Look As Irritated As Possible"

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan always keep their audience entertained on Live With Kelly And Michael, but this week they've raised the bar.

The hosting duo took to the runway on Monday's show and showed off their best modeling skills, with Michael taking Kelly's advice to look as "irritated as possible". Kelly got laughs with her high-stepping walk and annoyed glare over her shoulder, and the entire thing was posted to Instagram for fans to watch later.

Kelly and Michael did the bit during a commercial break, but it's not unlike them to be silly onstage for the benefit of the live studio audience. Last week, Kelly made headlines with her flirtatious interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, touching his beard and asking if he uses conditioner. When he replied that it's just good genes, she told him he really was perfect.

Ripa had the web talking earlier this month when she took to Instagram with photos of her newly dyed hair; the television hostess colored her locks blue and garnered comparisons to Joy from Inside Out. Ripa said the process was interesting, as her blonde hair changed colors a couple of times.

“I wanted to try blue because I tried pink and I really liked it. We dyed it blue and it turned lime green. Mark [Consuelos] came downstairs and he said ‘Oh my gosh, you look like the lucky charms guy.’ The kids think I look like a superhero!” Ripa said. “What’s sad is that I get two shampoos and then it’s back to normal. Every time I get ready to go on vacation I dye my hair a different color. It’ll wash out. This will wash out, I just haven’t washed my hair yet. I get bored. I think I might go red next.”

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