Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic Reportedly No Longer Speaking

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Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic have reportedly suffered a rift in their relationship following Rancic's controversial comments on Fashion Police following the Oscars.

Osbourne and Rancic made headlines earlier this year after Rancic made remarks about actress Zendaya and her Oscars look, which included dreadlocks, saying they made her look like she "smelled of patchouli oil or weed". Zendaya saw the segment and took to Twitter to write a lengthy post about the comments, which many said were racist. Rancic apologized, but later said that the comments were the result of bad editing. Osbourne called her out on Twitter, saying she was lying, and later said in an interview that because the two of them had always been good friends, it was heartbreaking for her to see Rancic get caught in a lie.

“There’s been so much drama surrounded by what went on at Fashion Police that I have chosen to keep quiet about. I will [continue to keep quiet] because I don’t think it will do anyone service, but I will say this: Giuliana is not often wrong. She really isn’t, but it’s been really, really heartbreaking to see her behavior that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong. That’s what broke my heart,” Osbourne said.

A source at Us Weekly says that Kelly is now "dead to" Giuliana because of her public comments and because she left the show soon after the incident, leaving Rancic to deal with things on her own.

Osbourne found herself back on the red carpet recently when she covered the MTV Movie Awards, and said that it was like coming home, even though the last time she was there she was just 17 years old.

"I was 17 years old, it was the first red carpet I'd ever hosted, the first time I'd ever performed and sang in front of everyone. Let me just tell it, it feels so good to be home," Kelly Osbourne said.

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