Kelly Clarkson Slams Cheating Rumors Via Twitter


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Kelly Clarkson has been making headlines lately, but not for the typical celebrity gossip...until now. Not only did Clarkson marry her long-time boyfriend and manager's son, Brandon Blackstock back in October, she announced that she was expecting her first child with Blackstock in November. Just when things seem too good to be true, rumors have started circulating that Blackstock has been cheating on his new bride.

Clarkson immediately took to Twitter to set the record straight. "Keep hearing random rumors of me & Brandon splitting or that's he's cheating on me. Stop with all the lying please #aintnobodygottimeforthat," she wrote. She later wrote, "False rumors don't bother me & Brandon but they do affect the lives of our 12 & 7 yr old. They're kids and don't get that people can print lies."

Blackstock also took to Twitter to acknowledge the rumors with a bit of humor. "It's sad how low life's make up rumors about @BBlackstock," Blackstock wrote. "But it makes for great reading while on the s--tter."

Surprisingly, Blackstock's ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth, also came to Blackstock's defense saying that he had always been an amazing father and had never been unfaithful to her. "This is ridiculous," Ashworth told Radar Online. "I have my two children right here, who I love. She added, "I adore Kelly and Brandon has a couple, so if I say anything it's going to be positive."

Image via Twitter