Kellen Winslow Arrested After Having Solo Sex


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New details have developed in regards to former New York Jet’s football athlete, Kellen Winslow, who was arrested on November 19 for smoking synthetic marijuana outside of a New Jersey Target parking lot.

It appears that the 30-year-old was doing more than just getting high.

According to a female witness who was parked next to Winslow’s vehicle, she reported to police that he was in his car masturbating.

The police report states:

“As she exited her vehicle, she commented to the male regarding how cold it was. As she stood near the open driver side window of the Escalade, she observed the males [sic] erect penis. She stated that she believed he was masturbating. [The woman] provided a written statement regarding her account.”

When police arrived to the scene, they found him initially slouched in his seat, but his genitals were not exposed.

Winslow explained to police that he got lost while searching for a Boston Market, but evidence showed otherwise.

Multiple bags and bottles of synthetic marijuana were found in Winslow’s vehicle. What appeared to be two open containers of Vaseline on his console were also found at the time of his arrest.

Winslow, who says the online-bought drug helps him relax, was charged with possession of a synthetic marijuana called fubinaca.

The original crime was listed as lewdness on the police report, but the 58-year-old eyewitness never came forth to sign documentation confirming the crime. Therefore, since the police did not witness the incident themselves, the initial offense got thrown out the window all together.

In a Twitter statement by his publicist Denise White, she insists that masturbation did not play apart in his arrest:

Just a week prior to his run in with law, the athlete was placed back on the team following a four-game suspension due to positive results on a drug test.

On Dec. 30, he appeared in court for the November 19 charge. It is said that he is now a free agent and will not be returning to the Jets.

Here's a report done by The Fumble:

Here's a satirical video on the incident:

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