Keira Knightley: Her Husband Is Drinking For Two

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Keira Knightley is not having that much fun this awards season.

Keira Knightley should be really enjoying this time as her movie, The Imitation Game, is up for several awards.

Apart from several awards for the movie, Keira Knightley is in the race for best supporting actress.

Despite all the fun of the awards season and the general festivity of it all, Keira Knightly is being left out. Since she's pregnant, she is having to pass up all of the alcohol that everyone else gets to enjoy.

Especially her husband, James Righton.

Keira Knightley was on Ellen Tuesday to talk about how her life is going.

During the interview, she disclosed that her hubby is drinking for two as she is eating for two.

Knightley said, "There's a lot of free champagne so he thinks because I'm not drinking the free champagne he has to. So all of it."

When Keira Knightley asked Ellen if she wanted to make a guess as to what she is having, Ellen guessed boy.

That guess sparked a very interesting story from Keira Knightley that she heard while receiving some unsolicited advice.

She said, "Somebody said to me the other day the problem with boys is, sorry this is horrible, but when you’re changing their nappies you can get the wee in your face."

She added, "I've got a lot of people nodding at me, but I never knew that before so it was terrifying."

Keira Knightley admitted that the whole thing sounds like a fiasco waiting to happen.

She said, "And apparently they roll as well so you have to like try to stop them while you’re trying to grab something else in order to stop them peeing in your face. So that's sounds quite interesting."

Keira Kngihtley will soon be aware that the whole thing is one "interesting" mishap after another!

What do you think of Keira Knightley's diaper fears?

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