Keira Knightley Due Soon, Shows Off Bump During London Outings

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Keira Knightley is getting really close to her due date!

Keira Knightley is rested after a busy awards season for The Imitation Game earlier this year, and has been out and about in London enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Several photogs have captured Keira Knightley all over town with her bump dressed in classy high fashion, as was expected.

Of course, Keira Knightley looked comfortable in a loose-fitting skirt. That was the plan.

Keira Knightley said of maternity fashion early on, "[Being pregnant] means you're not going to wear anything tight. Actually, people do wear tight things when they're pregnant, don't they? I don't want to go for that.”

Though she is notoriously private, while she was doing her talk show circuit during the awards season, Keira Knightley talked a lot about her upcoming motherhood and her pregnancy.

One of Keira Knightley's funniest appearances was on Ellen, when she recounted some unsolicited advice she received.

Keira Knightley said, “Somebody said to me the other day the problem with boys is, sorry this is horrible, but when you’re changing their nappies you can get the wee in your face.”

Keira Knightley continued, “I’ve got a lot of people nodding at me, but I never knew that before so it was terrifying.”

Keira Knightley gladly admitted that the whole thing sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

She said, “And apparently they roll as well so you have to like try to stop them while you’re trying to grab something else in order to stop them peeing in your face. So that’s sounds quite interesting.”

Oh, boy, is she in for it.

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