Keira Knightley Could Not Be More Adorable In Latest Baby Bump Pics

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Keira Knightley is getting close to giving birth to her first child with husband James Righton, and the latest pics of the expectant "mum" could not be more adorable.

Always beautiful, Keira Knightley absolutely glows now that her due date is approaching.

In her latest outings, the 30-year-old British actress has been seen in a variety of elegant ensembles.

On one outing, Keira Knightley sported an all-black dress and jackets, accessorized with comfy sandals.

Despite this being her first pregnancy and initiation into motherhood, Keira Knightley seems more than ready and unconcerned.

Joking with Ellen DeGeneres about the "whole birthing plan" idea, Keira Knightley asked the host, "Sorry, but what is the plan apart from to get it out?"

"There isn't an option to sort of keep it in, is there?" she said. "So, I'm assuming my plan is to get it out. But apparently there's more to the plan than that. I don't know what that is. Still, my plan is to get it out. It will come out."

Keira has apparently decided to not find out the sex of her child, but as she waits, she longs for the pleasures on her former, non-pregnant state. She told DeGeneres that at one medical appointment the doctor asked if she had any questions.

"Yes," Knightley answered. "When can I drink? Please? I just want a margarita!"

Husband James is helping her out as much as possible in this area.

"[James is] having a great time," Keira Knightley said. "I'm eating for two and he's drinking for two!"

Do you think Keira Knightley will have a girl or a boy?

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