Katy Perry Warned About Dating This Guy

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When we announced that Katy Perry was dating Houston rapper Riff Raff, you could hear the collective "huh?" from all over the globe, because most were probably baffled how America's sweetheart could end up with a guy that uses every rap cliche in the book, and doesn't seem like the settling down type.

And even though the jury is still out on whether the two artists are really a couple or they're just working on some sort of project together, Riff Raff's dad, Ronald Simco, warned Perry about dating his son, and said a serious relationship with him probably wouldn't last.

"If you have a goal, you can't be sidetracked by relationships," said Simco. "Yes, date women, but you're not going to get married. He's been a love-them-and-leave-them sort of guy because his career is his most important thing. You can't be blinded by other things that aren't on your journey."

Simco also said he's not surprised his son is dating the Dark Horse singer, because Riff Raff has always felt he'd be famous one day, and would eventually hangout in the most A-list of celebrity circles.

"I knew he'd make it big," said papa Riff Raff. "I'm not surprised he's dating the biggest pop star on the planet. I'm very close to my son and he's always been a hit with the ladies, always had a mind-set that he was going to be famous."

For the past couple of years, the braided haired rapper really made a big name for himself and snagged huge collaborations with some of the biggest names in rap, but in an interview with Rolling Stone he said he might be famous, but not rich, however he plans to change all of that very soon.

And the worst part about having fame without a lot of money, says Riff Raff, is not being able to afford a place that allows him to get away from the limelight.

"I might have another interview next spring and I'll have a house with a basketball court and somebody serving you lemonade," he said back in 2013. "But right now I'm in an apartment where I have to take the elevator with people. I'm in the middle. I'm famous, but I'm not as rich as Brad Pitt."

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