Katy Perry Splits from Rob Ackroyd: Twitter Reacts


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Katy Perry's romantic situation continues to stay rocky. After famously parting ways with comedian Russell Brand, Perry found solace in the arms of Florence + The Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd. Unfortunately, a month of courtship is about all they could muster, as the couple have recently decided to call it quits. Which, of course, means that everyone with a Katy Perry infatuation is now a potential love interest. Wow, that actually sounds kind of creepy.

According to CTV News, Perry and Ackroyd -- who is not Dan Ackroyd's son, by the way -- have decided not to pursue a meaningful relationship due to their complicated schedules. Since Perry's on the road in one section of the world while Ackroyd is doing his thing with Florence + The Machine in another, committing to anything long term just isn't in the cards at the moment.

"The main thing which led to her split with Russell was spending the majority of her marriage to him on tour and she said dating Rob felt like being with ­Russell all over again," a source revealed. "It's a shame as they both liked each other but Katy wants to be able to have a relationship with someone she isn't constantly having to work out what time zone they're in."

In other Perry news, the singer recently performed at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, where she took a page from Pink's playbook and spun wildly around the stage. Impressively, Perry managed to sing live while all of these theatrics were taking place. Impressive? Well, kind of.

If this news has ruined your Monday morning in any way, shape, or form, you're not alone. Twitter obsessives have weighed in on the split, and, as usual, the reactions are all sorts of entertaining, though maybe not in the way the author originally intended.

Please be mine Katy, please be mine - http://t.co/JqCTibxV
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"Katy Perry has split from Rob Ackroyd." Duh, obviously he wants me. #seeyoutomorrowwoooo
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Katy Perry `cools down relationship` with guitarist Robert Ackroyd -
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