Katy Perry Slammed by Lady Gaga After Comparisons

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Katy Perry was majorly slammed by Lady Gaga after comparisons were made between the two recording artists. It was during Gaga's speech at the South by Southwest Music Festival on Friday that she dissed comparisons made between her and the Roar singer.

"I don't know what the f--k-all I have to do with Katy Perry," she said. "Our music is so completely different. I couldn't be more different, really. I really don't fit in pop music in a way, but I came through it and I'd like to think I changed it in some way so you can feel like you don't have to fit into a mold."

It seems like Lady Gaga has experienced a change of heart since she last talked about Katy Perry. That was in August when her song Applause was released at just about the same tome Katy released Roar.

"I really like Katy Perry and I like her fans," she told Ryan Seacrest during a post Applause release interview.

Something Katy Perry definitely wouldn't do is carry on the way Lady Gaga performed at the South by Southwest Music Festival. In a collaboration with vomit painter (yes, you read that correctly--vomit) Millie Brown, Gaga was vomited on during her performance and continued throughout her part of the show drenched in puke.

"I've known Millie [Brown] for I think like five years now and we've actually collaborated before . . . she was just in town and so we thought we would collaborate again," Gaga explained of their collaboration during her keynote speech, as see in the video clip above. "It was just exciting to see people talk about performance art on the internet. We really just did it because we believe in the performance and we believe in what it meant to the song."

If that's the kind of performance the Art Pop singer engages in, then Katy Perry should be beyond grateful that Lady Gaga doesn't want any comparisons drawn between the two. Considering vomit to be art--and allowing oneself to be painted in it--is just plain disgusting.

Roar on, Katy Perry. Ride that Dark Horse. Just stay out of the way of projectile vomiters, or your crowds might thin out considerably.

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