Katy Perry Going Green For Spring


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Katy Perry can pull off almost any look and she is known for changing her hair color often. Although she has been sporting a pretty tame hairstyle that consists of jet black locks, she has decided it is time for something more edgy and is going green. That’s right, Katy Perry is opting for some slime green hair.

It’s common for people to change their hair color for spring and to choose a color that is lighter or reminiscent of the season. In the past, Perry has had red, blue, pink and purple hair now she claims that she is opting for slime green for spring.

"I've wanted to go slime green for a long time," she said at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles' 35th Anniversary Gala presented by Louis Vuitton. "It's spring time and I think it's time to freshen up my look."

"I'm really excited about slime green, but I hope my hair doesn't fall out," she continued.

Perry changes her look often and it doesn’t seem like she is ever satisfied with one hairstyle for long. She recently cut bangs but says that she no longer likes them and can’t wait for them to grow out.

"I kind of cut my bangs in haste and now I want them gone," she admitted in an interview.

Perry’s new look may not be the only change in her life. She was recently spotted out on a date with rapper Riff Raff. Perry was previously dating John Mayer but dumped him last month when she found out he was cheating on her with General Hospital actress Kelly Monaco.

Riff Raff has been known to sport some crazy hairstyles as well, and currently has bright turquoise hair that he often wears in kinky curls or small braids.

Do you think Perry’s new hair color was inspired by her new boy toy?

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