Katy Perry Flirts With College Quarterback For ESPN College GameDay

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Singer Katy Perry took time out of her busy schedule as an international popstar to crash a sports show on Saturday, and flirt with a college quarterback. At a guest appearance on ESPN College GameDay, Perry gave a shoutout to 21-year-old Trevor Knight, star quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners.

The 29-year-old singer was asked by the show’s hosts to predict how the game between Knight’s Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs would turn out. Knight’s Oklahoma team was ranked 4th while TCU was No. 25 at the time. Perry said, “I’m picking this one based on looks. Trevor Knight, do you hear me?”

“The quarterback for Oklahoma, we don’t mind. So I’m going to go with him. Trevor Knight, call me!” she shouted, while making a “call me” signal with her hand. She was also holding up a heart-shaped sign with a picture of the Oklahoma quarterback.

Perry displayed more antics on the show, including chucking corn dogs at the camera to taunt LSU fans and ripping off host Lee Corso’s Alabama elephant mask. However, by the end of the game between Oklahoma and TCU, it was apparent that Perry didn’t have a good system for predicting football wins. Knight’s Sooners lost to TCU, 37-33.

The “Roar” singer reportedly stuck around after finishing the shoot in Oxford, Mississippi to catch Ole Miss’ game against Alabama, which the latter team lost. Perry even trolled Alabama coach Nick Saban on Twitter with a couple of tweets about their loss. Perry was also caught on video drinking beer and crowd-surfing at a local bar, evidently enjoying her day of college football.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, Knight hasn’t yet called Perry. “I have not called Katy Perry yet,” the quarterback said. Perry performs on Monday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so Knight may still have a chance to say hi—along with his girlfriend.

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