Katy Perry Featured in H & M Holiday Commercial, Singer Grew Up Wearing Their Clothes

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Katy Perry is featured in the new H & M holiday commercial campaign, and she's as exciting to watch as Santa and his elves. Katy Perry dances--with elves, actually--and evokes so much excitement and cheer that you'll think you're visiting the North Pole.

Taking on a fairy-like persona, Katy Perry makes merry with toy soldiers and gingerbread men, too.

Advertising for H & M seemed natural for Katy Perry. She's long been a fan of their affordable styles.

“I swear, I’m not pitching anything to you here, but when I was a teenager, we didn’t have a lot of money, and H&M really changed the game for me,” shesaid during a recent interview with Yahoo Style. “I would go to thrift stores and I would go to H&M, and I would put outfits together for myself, and feel like I looked like a hundred dollars when really, I’d spent maybe $30. And I can still do that now with their clothes!”

One of the singer's favorite pieces from the H & M winter line is an "Elfie" sweater.

“It’s great! I loved that sweatshirt,” she said. “There are some really cute things in this campaign. Things I would have already worn in real life. And when I first heard ‘Elfie Selfie,’ I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Katy Perry even has some advice on gift giving for her fans.

“But like I said before, the girls I meet when I’m touring are smart. So the easy thing is, if you get a gift that isn’t quite your style, make sure you say ‘thank you’ anyway, because the person giving you a gift is always, always, more important than a present,” she said. “But you can set the gift aside, hopefully it still has tags attached, return it to the store when you get a chance, and pick out something you like more--maybe the Elfie sweatshirt!”

What do you think of Katy Perry in the new H & M holiday ad? Do you think you will ever get that song out of your head?

Is anyone else reminded a bit of Zooey Deschanel's role in Elf when watching Katy Perry in this new ad?

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