Katy Perry And Staples "Make It Roar"

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Katy Perry, along with Staples, announced yesterday that 55 local Washington D.C. classroom projects have been funded as part of Staples’ $1 million donation to DonorsChoose.org. Staples' $43,994 donation helped 47 teachers fulfill classroom needs. They also helped meet the needs of more than 3,900 students attending D.C. public schools.

“I’m glad to partner with Staples on my Prismatic World Tour to raise awareness and funds for DonorsChoose.org, and to remind my fans that a small gesture can have a huge impact on the very basic materials classrooms need for teachers to help students reach their full potential,” said Katy Perry.

Through the “Make Roar Happen” program, Katy Perry will help Staples raise awareness of how to help teachers. With a $1 donation either in store or on Staples.com, you too can be part of the solution to under-funded and overwhelmed teachers.

Alison Corcoran, senior vice president of North American stores and online marketing for Staples, said of the successful partnership, “We are so thrilled to have Katy Perry supporting ‘Make Roar Happen’ and look forward to working together with DonorsChoose.org to ensure teachers have the supplies they need. Our recent survey found almost three-quarters of parents with teens agree that teachers in their communities inspire their students so it’s imperative we support these everyday heroes.”

That same survery also pointed out that 76% of parents of teen students believe that a lack of school supplies is a significant challenge for schools today. Of course this has been a growing problem for years. What a great way for Katy Perry and Staples to give back.

Charles Best, Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org said, “The tremendous support Staples and Katy Perry have provided to DonorsChoose.org through ‘Make Roar Happen’ has made a great difference in classrooms across the country. We understand the financial hardships teachers in the Washington, D.C. area face when it comes to providing their classroom with the right resources. Thanks to Staples and Katy Perry, local teachers are able to get what they need and ‘Make Roar Happen’ in the classroom.”

What a great cause! If you can donate online or at your local Staples, please consider it.

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