Katt Williams Arrested, Once Again

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Comedian Katt Williams is building up a criminal record almost as impressive--and odd--as Lindsay Lohan's.

Williams was arrested on Sunday night after an incident at a Seattle bar turned ugly. Witnesses say he threatened the bar owner with a pool cue, threw a lit cigarette into a woman's face through a car window, and threw rocks at a car, among other things. He was taken into custody after police were called and was released early this morning.

This is the third arrest for the comedian in three months; he is also accused of hitting a man over the head with a bottle after one of his shows and has had a string of strange run-ins with police, including the time he pulled a gun on Faizon Love and allegedly beat up his female assistant, who is now suing him. He's also involved in a lawsuit filed by his fans, who say a show he put on in Oakland, California in November only lasted a few minutes and dissolved into a fight between the performer and a heckler. Lastly, another altercation this past Friday involved three fans who Williams claims forced their way into his dressing room to demand an autograph.

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