Katt Williams Arrested Again--Second Time in Two Weeks

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Katt Williams, actor and comedian, was arrested for the second time in two weeks. He was arrested and charged Tuesday with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment against his bodyguard, Corey Dixon.

Deputy Nicole Bailes with the Hall County Sheriff's Office in Georgia explained during an interview with WSBTV.com in Atlanta.

"It's our understanding that Mr. Williams was encouraging our victim, Mr. Dixon, to engage in some criminal activity in the Atlanta area," he said.

Corey Dixon told authorities that when he refused to commit the crimes Katt Williams insisted upon, he was taken back to Williams' home and assaulted.

According to deputies, Katt Williams directed 24-year-old Tatiana Smith to choke Corey Dixon and beat him with a baseball bat.

"He ordered the assault and stood there while the assault was happening. It is my understanding that there were firearms present. Mr. Williams had a firearm on his person," Deputy Bailes said.

Katt Williams is accused of threatening to kill his bodyguard as this heinous assault was taking place.

This assault allegedly took place a day before Katt Williams was arrested for punching an employee at a pool supply store. It took a week to arrest Williams on the assault and criminal threatening charges because of the investigation.

"Obviously, Mr. Williams has been in the news quite a bit, and we wanted to preserve the integrity of our investigation. When we initially received this, we wanted to follow up with this. A lot of our witnesses live out of state," Deputy Bailes added.

Katt Williams is clearly having some issues controlling his anger. In addition to these arrests, he was involved in a brawl on stage during a Philadelphia rap concert. That took place in the past couple of weeks as well. Katt WIlliams hasn't yet been charged with anything for that incident.

Katt Williams has a long history of violence. In 2014, he was accused of attacking members of a family who approached him on stage following one of his shows. The family believed they were going to get autographs and maybe snap a photo with the funny man. Instead they had chairs thrown at them, and when they tried to leave, Katt Williams sent his entourage after them. The family filed a lawsuit following the incident.

It's clear that Katt Williams isn't nearly as funny in real life as he is on stage. How many acts of violence will the actor and comedian have to be a part of before his fan base starts to dwindle?

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