Katt Williams Accused of Threatening to Kill Bodyguard

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Katt Williams was released on $60,000 bond after a hearing Wednesday.

Williams, 44, is accused of threatening to kill his bodyguard during an attack inside his Georgia home.

According to ABC News, the judge reportedly told Williams to stay away from the bodyguard and his family, and to lay off drugs and alcohol.

Williams faces charges of terroristic threats, false imprisonment, aggravated assault and possession of marijuana.

A statement from the Hall County Sheriff's Department alleges that Williams made a threat to the bodyguard on Feb. 28, while friend Tatiana Smith, 24, beat the bodyguard with a baseball bat and choked him. The altercation reportedly arose when the bodyguard refused to engage in criminal activity, although authorities didn't say what that activity was.

A day after the alleged incident with the bodyguard, Williams was accused of attacking an employee at a swimming pool supply store during an argument.

Williams' attorney Drew Findling said the arrest came more than a week after the alleged assault and is indicative of the uncertainty surrounding the case.

"I think when it takes nine days to make a determination, that says something about the quality of the case," he said.

He also questioned how the bodyguard could be overpowered by a 90-pound woman swinging a souvenir baseball bat.

Williams was taken into custody Tuesday evening, after deputies searched his home about 90 miles from Atlanta and found large amounts of marijuana, along with several firearms inside the home.

Smith and another woman also face charges. Smith is charged with aggravated assault and possession of marijuana and an anti-anxiety drug.

Lena Smith, 40, is charged with marijuana possession.

Pam Wright