Katt Williams Accused Of Attacking Family After Show

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Katt Williams is a funny guy and he doesn’t seem like the type that’s quick to anger, but his rap sheet says otherwise.

According to one family, they attended the comedian's show in Seattle and when it was over went on stage to meet Williams.

The fans thought they were getting a treat, but instead the comedian and his entourage allegedly attacked them.

Katt committed many other crimes while in Seattle, including attacking a bar owner with a pool stick, throwing a large rock at a car and fighting the police.

He currently has several outstanding warrants.

The family claimed that they had no idea that Katt could be so mean or violent and that he grew angry with them after they asked him for a photo on stage.

Katt had been taking photos and signing autographs with fans after the show, but was getting aggravated and apparently turned his frustrations on them.

They claim that he threatened to shoot them and threw chairs at them. When they tried to leave he sent his entourage after them.

The family has filed a lawsuit but their attorney did not offer details about the extent of their injuries or the exact amount of money they are asking for in the lawsuit.

Williams has not released a statement about the lawsuit but is facing other charges as well. He has been accused of spraying a man with pepper spray and could face jail time for robbing a photographer of a photo. He and Suge Knight were both allegedly involved in the robbery, but deny the charges.

Williams may want to avoid returning to Seattle and start concentrating on cleaning up his act.

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