Katniss Everdeen Would Be a 'Huge' Fan of Lorde and Taylor Swift, Says Jennifer Lawrence

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Katniss Everdeen would be a huge fan of Lorde and Taylor Swift, says Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who portrays the heroine in the Hunger Games movie franchise.

"I think Katniss [Everdeen] would be a huge Lorde fan and obviously Taylor Swift," Lawrence said at a photocall for Mockingjay — Part 1, the third episode of the series in London.

Makes sense since Swift co-wrote two tracks for the first film and Lorde curated the soundtrack for the latest installment, according to Stuff.

"It was so bizarre really to hear a musical version of what emotionally you feel. She captured that character so magically," Lawrence said of Lorde's song, Yellow Flicker Beat, which she wrote for the latest film.

Lawrence said she can relate to Katniss, even though this is really the first time she's felt an affinity for a hero from a young adult novel.

“I’ve never really felt that inspired by somebody who’s from a young adult novel," said Lawrence. "But [Katniss] has this kind of raw, embodied confidence and the way she makes decisions is very impulsive and just driven by this very clear moral compass she has, so that’s pretty appealing to me as someone who makes decisions in a similar way.”

Although Lawrence admires her character, she's quick to point out how she differs from Katniss.

“She’s completely bare and has to rebuild herself,” she said of Katniss. “I would have just been crying every day, ‘Where’s my mom?'”

Pam Wright