Katie Holmes To Produce Adaptation Of "All We Had"

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Katie Holmes will be adding the title of producer to her resume soon. The former wife of Tom Cruise is continuing to find her own place in the world and we might be the lucky ones who reap the benefit.

She has reportedly optioned the film rights to the novel All We Had by artist and new author Annie Weatherwax. Katie Holmes has great talent and will make a spectacular producer!

This isn't exactly her first time around the behind-the-scenes production block. Katie Holmes was an executive producer on the book-to-movie hit The Romantics in 2010.

She starred in The Romantics with Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel. Although The Romantics flopped at the box office, it gave Katie Holmes the experience she will need to produce the movie for All We Had.

No news yet on whether or not Katie Holmes will also star in the All We Had adaptation.

All We Had is a novel about 13-year-old Ruthie who, along with her rough mother Rita, gets evicted from her home. The down-and-out pair seek a fresh start in a strange town called Fat River. The quirky locals are said to provide quite the backdrop for the action. This definitely sounds like an adaptation that Katie Holmes could have a lot of fun with!

All We Had isn't all that Katie Holmes has going on right now, though. The Dawson's Creek and Batman Begins star can be seen in The Giver, which comes out next month.

Katie Holmes is also busy filming The Woman in Gold, which will come out in 2015.

Hopefully Katie Holmes' adaptation of All We Had will bring her more success than her acting career. She is a remarkable actress, but Batman Begins and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark certainly didn't do her any favors.

Good luck to Katie Holmes on her new venture!

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