Katie Holmes Spends Christmas with Tom Cruise; Will Scientology Respond?

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When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split back in 2012, it was widely known that Cruise's much-ballyhooed involvement in the Church of Scientology played a part in the parting. In fact, Cruise has admitted as much in the months since their divorce. This info came to light in a court deposition that also referenced the daughter he had with Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise.

Life & Style Magazine accused Tom Cruise of abandoning his daughter Suri after the divorce. Cruise sued the magazine, and in the court deposition, admitted that his Scientology faith was a factor in the split, although he insists that it should not have been.

Cruise was asked, regarding the divorce, if Katie Holmes had "indicated in any way that was one of the reasons she left you? ... To protect Suri from Scientology?”

Cruise responded, “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.”

Cruise was also questioned about the Scientology definition of a "suppressive person." He resisted acknowledging a definition of the term, but was confronted with a definition straight from the Scientology website:

"To be declared a Suppressive Person ... can be done through ... the commitment of acts deemed Suppressive Acts in the Scientology Justice Codes—which includes the Suppressive Act of publicly renouncing the faith, an act which in Scientology, as well as almost every religion, is grounds for automatic expulsion.

"[W]hen such a person is connected to Scientology, for the good of the Church and the individuals in it, such a person is officially labeled a Suppressive Person so that others will know not to associate with them.

"When someone has been expelled from the religion, that person loses both his or her fellowship with the Church as well as with other Scientologists."

Back with Katie was with Tom, she was excited to tell others that she was getting into Scientology. Holmes has since returned to her Catholic faith of her childhood.

So when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes recently spent Christmas together with their daughter Suri, the question was floated: Would this get Tom Cruise into trouble with the higher-ups in Scientology, especially with his buddy David Miscavige, leader of the church?

A source for The Record revealed, "There's no way Katie will set foot in Tom's home or be in the same room as the rest of his family, because they are all so involved with the Scientology movement... So she's asked him to come to their new home. Tom's agreed to try to schedule his holidays to involve Suri as much as possible."

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