Katie Holmes Apologizes To Leah Remini, Backs Out Of Scientology Special

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Katie Holmes was reportedly set to appear on the 20/20 special on Scientology that aired on Friday night, but she was a no show after issuing an apology to actress Leah Remini.

The special, which included a sit down with Remini regarding her time with the Church of Scientology, gave viewers an inside look at what it was like for the actress when she dared to speak up about Tom Cruise, who has famously been a member of the church for years.

"Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself. You are evil," Remini said.

Remini shared a story from her past, saying that Cruise had asked her to teach him salsa dancing. When she arrived at his home, she met Katie Holmes, who at the time was Cruise's new girlfriend. Things got uncomfortable when Cruise reportedly began to "forcibly kiss" Holmes, and Remini spoke up.

"He was forcibly kissing Katie and I said, 'Eh, get a frickin' room?' and, well, I was written up for that," said Remini in the interview.

Holmes responded quickly after the interview aired, releasing a statement to Us Weekly that read, "I regret having upset Leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future."

Remini hasn't been shy about speaking up about her time with the Church of Scientology and goes into it at length in her new memoir, Troublemaker. She claims that the organization used various tactics to pull people away from their families, and admits that she wrote up her own husband on more than one occasion.

"You can assume that if you say something that is critical to the Church, you'll be written up. Husband, wife, mother, daughter. It's what the group does to regulate itself," Remini said.

Katie Holmes has not commented further on the special or on Remini's claims.

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