Katie Cleary Husband Commits Suicide


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The husband of Katie Cleary has died in an apparent suicide at a San Fernando Valley gun range on Sunday.

Andrew Stern and the Deal or No Deal model had been going through a separation that was reportedly very amicable, but photographs that surfaced of Cleary in Cannes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrien Grenier seemed to be too much for Stern, who took his life soon after.

This isn’t the first time Stern visited a gun range with suicidal thoughts in mind. Back in April, just days after the two filed for separation, Stern’s mother called 911 because she was concerned that he would try to kill himself at an Ohio gun range. She called the authorities after he took his mother’s car while she was sleeping.

“I think my son has gone to the gun place in New Albany to shoot himself,” his mom said in the call. “He’s threatening suicide.”

She told the operator he had threatened to take his life one of two ways.

“He threatened two things: going to the shooting range, and doing carbon monoxide,” she said. “But he’s not in the garage, so I’m not worried about the carbon monoxide.”

Cops discovered that the gun range employees turned Stern away. Unfortunately, he was able to go through with his intentions this weekend.

Stern had been battling depression for quite some time, and had started hormone replacement therapy to combat lethargy and a low libido.

He quit the drugs cold turkey, but had a difficult time afterwards, some of which could have contributed to his battles.

"Andrew and Katie have been in the midst of a very amicable separation and had remained on excellent terms,” a family spokesperson for Stern said in a statement. “This is devastating news for us but we have been aware of Andrew's longtime struggle with depression.”

The family spokesperson also denies any wrongdoing on Cleary’s part, stating she was only interacting with DiCaprio for the purpose of potentially working together on animal welfare and environmental issues.

Image via Wikimedia Commons