Kathy Griffin Disses Amal Clooney's Gloves At Golden Globes; The 'Fashion Police' Has Arrived

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Kathy Griffin has some pretty big shoes to fill after the passing of comedy legend Joan Rivers. Griffin has joined the panel over at E! News’ Fashion Police, and the comedienne has already promised to up her game. “The funniest thing is, I think the consensus was that people thought I was holding back a little bit,” Kathy told Access Hollywood regarding her first appearance on the show. Griffin joined Fashion Police just in time for awards season and her first task was judging the Golden Globe red carpet. On her first day at the show, she notoriously dissed Amal Clooney’s white gloves and called her “worst dressed of the evening”.

“I'm thrilled about the conversation started by the Amal glove talk,” Kathy Griffin told Access Hollywood. “The gloves came off, literally. And actually, Amal took the gloves off before I took the gloves off. So Amal wore them on the red carpet and during the show, while she was pouting, did not have the gloves. So then, when I was hosting Fashion Police, the gloves came back on. As they should. It's my job.”

Kathy Griffin also talked about taking over for the late Joan Rivers. She said, “I feel the pressure of living up to the legacy of Joan Rivers and the show.” The outspoken comedienne also paid tribute to Rivers during her first appearance in Fashion Police as a host. “Before I start making more enemies and burning more bridges, I just want to thank my good friend whom we all miss, Joan Rivers,” Kathy Griffin said as the audience and her co-hosts gave a round of applause.

The fact that Kathy Griffin is Rivers’ protégé of sorts makes her the perfect fit for the show. Kathy tells of her meeting with Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter as well as Fashion Police executive producer, “I felt Joan's presence because Melissa was there. She's the bridge between the Joan era and hopefully what will be an era that we're able to continue.”

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