Kathy Griffin Determined To Save 'Fashion Police' With Departure Of Kelly Osbourne

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After criticizing Giuliana Rancic’s comments regarding Zendaya’s hairstyle in a recent episode of Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne has found herself forced out of the show. A source told Radar Online said that network executives “told Kelly they would allow her to resign. But if she had refused, she would have been immediately fired.”

“Most of the drama and damage that happened in the aftermath of Giuliana’s comments about Zendaya was because of tweeting about it,” says the source. “Speaking out so publicly against the show on social media made things so much worse.” Now that Kelly’s gone, it’s rumored that Kathy Griffin is determined to save Fashion Police by bringing in none other than Khloe Kardashian.

“With Kelly gone, the show will be able to move forward in a very positive direction. Kathy plans on doing some fun skits,” the source said. “During recent months behind the scenes, Kathy and Khloe have established mutual respect for each other. Khloe has a terrific eye for fashion, and Kathy has been assured Kardashian jokes wouldn’t be off limits.”

The insider previously said that Osbourne has never been the same since Joan Rivers passed away, and that she has always been thinking of leaving the show now that Rivers is gone. “Kelly is still mourning the loss of Joan Rivers. The show just hasn’t been fun for Kelly lately, and she wants to quit,” the source previously said. “Joan was the glue that held everyone together and always quelled spats between Giuliana and Kelly.”

It’s definitely a different show with Rivers gone. And now, with the departure of Osbourne and George Katsiopolous, some TV insiders are saying that Fashion Police should just throw in the towel. With the recent scandal involving Giuliana Rancic striking a huge blow for the show, perhaps it is indeed time to consider the show’s future.

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