Kathie Lee Gifford Talks Frank Gifford's "Best Medical Report" Before Death

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Kathie Lee Gifford dished about her late husband Frank Gifford on The Today Show Friday, sharing that Frank had received a great medical report just prior to his death.

“You know what I hadn’t told people?” Gifford said to co-hosts and longtime pals Hoda Kotb and Regis Philbin. “He had just gotten the best medical report he’d had in eight years on Friday. He was doing great.”

“When the Lord calls you home, you go home,” Kathie Lee Gifford continued. “What are you going to do, argue with the Lord? I don’t think so.”

Frank Gifford died suddenly at the age of 84 on August 9, at the Connecticut home he shared with wife Kathie Lee and their children Cody and Cassidy Gifford.

Kathie Lee Gifford has relied on her strong Christian faith and close friends in the days following his passing.

She recently explained why--instead of a funeral--she threw a party in celebration of Frank's life.

“Frank hated funerals. He hated boxes. He hated to be put in boxes,” she said on The Today Show on Tuesday. “He hated to get in an elevator, so we played Frank Sinatra all day long and we partied. The only criteria was, if you were there you had to be somebody that he adored, so it kept it nice and small.”

Kathie Lee Gifford's outlook is positive and her attitude is amazing. Where so many would turn inward during such a difficult time, she has chosen to share her thoughts and feelings very openly instead. Where some would question doctors about that "best medical report" in the days before his death, Kathie Lee Gifford believes in and accepts God's will. She is certainly setting an amazing example for her children in light of their dad's death.

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