Katherine Webb Defends Controversial Skinny Pic After Mean Comments On Instagram

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Katherine Webb, former Miss Alabama, was shocked at all of the negative comments she received after posting a bikini photo to Instagram.

The 25-year-old wife of AJ McCarron got over 10,000 likes on the photo, but some people just couldn't sit idly by and let someone post a bikini pic to Instagram without throwing their opinion, and sometimes hateful comments, at them.

Some of the comments on Katherine Webb's pic are really hurtful.

"Someone please get her a sandwich. What happened she looked amazing but now is looking anorexic," said one commentator who is surely perfect-looking.

Another person with obviously zero body issues said, "Have a donut. Make that a dozen."

Getting ready for swimsuit season on the west coast Love my team @betsyatwilly @shekarchian @wilhelmina_La

A photo posted by Katherine Webb-McCarron (@_katherinewebb) on

Katherine Webb later told ABC News that maybe she could see why people thought she looked too thin in the photo, but the mean comments still stung.

Katherine Webb shot back at the trolls with another Instagram post.

“I was really surprised at the response, just of the amount of disgust and disapproval with the way I looked,” Katherine Webb said.

She added, “It’s a very sensitive issue for me because I dealt with self-esteem issues growing up. I was tall and thin and lanky."

Katherine Webb used the interview to send a message, saying, “To the bullies and to people that want to say negative things, really think about what you’re saying. Can you imagine if someone said those things to you?”

What do you think about all of the mean comments lobbed at Katherine Webb over her bikini photo?

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