Katharine McPhee’s New Single Is Lip Smacking Good

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Katharine McPhee has just dropped her new single “Lick My Lips” and fans are getting hungry for more McPhee, and maybe more pie.

The catchy tune tells the oft-told tale of new love and kissing with a riff that’s reminiscent of other great 80s tracks.

The accompanying video to “Lick My Lips” showcases how lip smacking sexy the American Idol alumnus still is as she flirts with good-looking bad boys who look just as hot with pie smeared on them as they do while wearing leather jackets.

The 31-year-old Smash star dons a fiery red bra with matching peplum skirt for the first half of the clip before changing to an equally hot ensemble that comprises of a black bra and shiny, red vinyl miniskirt.

There’s something for everyone in the video. Aside from McPhee, you also have your lovely models dancing around, huge pictures of cherry pies, oversized combs and vintage cars.

And if you’re wondering why the video generates a feeling akin to meeting a long –lost friend, it’s probably because it was directed by Diane Martel, the woman who pushed “Blurred Lines” into our consciousness.

As much fun as she had doing the video, McPhee admits to also enjoying getting her long-awaited album Hysteria ready for public consumption.

The singer cum actress appears to have finally come into her own in this album. While she admits to a certain shyness or tentativeness in her earlier albums, she says that on Hysteria “finally, for the first time, I felt motivated to find stories within my own life to write about.”

McPhee certainly has been through a lot the past 3-4 years. Aside from her American Idol foray and her albums, she also ventured into acting, appearing in movies like The House Bunny and shows like Smash and CBS’ Scorpion.

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