Katharine McPhee: "American Idol" Alum, "Scorpion" Star Pays Ex Big Bucks in Divorce Settlement

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Katharine McPhee of American Idol fame and the star of the hit CBS show Scorpion is paying big bucks for cheating on her then-hubby Nick Cokas. As a result of getting caught kissing her married Smash director Michael Morris, McPhee will pay Cokas approximately $400,000 per year.

According to a report from E! News, that's not all Cokas is getting. Katharine McPhee must pay Nick Cokas $102,616 in the next few days. They will split her earnings from Smash, as well as earnings from songs she wrote while they were legally married.

It sounds like McPhee's ex is making out very nicely in this divorce settlement. But wait--there's more.

Cokas is walking away from his marriage to Katharine McPhee with a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. She gets to keep her 2012 Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV.

So did Katharine McPhee wind up with the Smash director she cheated on her husband with? No. These days she is dating one of her Scorpion co-stars, Elyes Gabel. It's uncertain if the indiscretion cost Michael Morris his marriage or not.

McPhee claims she was separated from Nick Cokas at the time of the cheating incident. She, in fact, filed for divorce from Cokas in May of 2014. She released the following statement at the time of the filing.

"After six years of marriage, and having been separated for the past year, Katharine McPhee has filed for a dissolution of marriage from Nick Cokas. The two have an amicable relationship and will remain friends. They ask that people respect their privacy during this time."

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