Kate Winslet Tackles Challenging Role In Steve Jobs Movie

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Kate Winslet is excited to be part of an upcoming film that features the creative side of the notorious workaholic, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and said she has no reservations about doing it.

In an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Winslet said: “I have no reservations whatsoever and so excited to be a part of this project.”

The Oscar-winning actress plays Joanna Hoffman in the movie, who was one of Jobs’ team members during the period when he was preparing to launch the first Apple computer.

She revealed that when she first learned of the role, she “couldn’t get hold of a script” since she could not find any similarities between herself and Hoffman. Hoffman is an Armenian-American girl who has dark hair and glasses. What she did was she tried on three dark wigs of different lengths and put on some make-up, took a selfie, and sent it to the producer Scott Rudin. Soon after, a script for Steve Jobs was emailed to her by Boyle. Winslet revealed that writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle, known for their unique film treatment especially on contemporary subjects, came up with a different approach for the upcoming movie.

The movie was shot like a play and was told in three acts. According to Winslet, each act covered a different year in Jobs’ life: 1984, 1988 and, 1998, as the founder of Apple.  “We shot each act in chronological order, one act at a time,” said the actress.

Although the actress enjoyed the filming, she admitted that it was “challenging.”

“It was very hard for all of us to really come up with what Danny (Boyle) wanted and needed to put this film together,” she said.

Winslet stars alongside Michael Fassbender who plays Steve Jobs. The movie is slated to hit theaters next month.

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