Kate Upton Hasn't Always Smelled Great

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Kate Upton always looks, and I'm sure smells, fantastic. Just like her character in The Other Woman, I think most people assume that she sweats perfume.

However, it hasn't always been that way. Kate Upton has always loved horses, and has had them since she was six. That must have been great for her growing up, but according to her, it sometimes had its downside.

"In high school, I would go to the barn to feed my horse every morning. A classmate complained that I smelled like a horse and asked to be moved to the other side of the room!"

I bet that guy has some serious regrets these days, especially since the gorgeous Kate Upton has been talking about possibly doing Playboy in the future.

One would think that her High School experience would make her a little more sympathetic to men who don't smell spectacular, but one would be wrong. In a recent GQ interview, Kate Upton revealed that she doesn't have much patience for a guy that shirks good grooming habits.

"...if you think that someone smells bad then that usually means that you're not attracted to them. It's like your body is rejecting them. It's pheromones."


Maybe. But she also said that guys can totally over do it with grooming. I guess if you have more products in your medicine cabinet than Kate Upton does?

When Kate Upton was asked if she would snoop in a date's medicine cabinet, she said,

"Who wouldn't?! It's almost like this weird thing where you kind of respect a guy for not having too many products - but then you're like 'well that's inconvenient for me!'"

Ok, that's true.

Good luck to Kate Upton in her future endeavors and condolences to the poor guy that teased her in high school for a lifetime of face-palming.

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