Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Reportedly Calls Police On Ex-Wife, Takes Emergency Custody Of Daughter Hannah

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Those poor Gosselin children. Aside from the stress of growing up in the glare of TV cameras and their parents bitter divorced broadcasted for all to see, the Gosselin kids might now be separated from each other.

According to reports, Jon Gosselin is seeking full custody of their 11-year-old daughter Hannah after she left her mother’s home to live with him.

An insider says that the drama started because Hannah didn’t want to film for the TLC reality series anymore. But her mom Kate, who’s notorious for wanting to remain on-camera, is forcing her and the other kids to do so.

The source added that the young girl “can’t take the cruelty anymore” and was “so afraid of her mom” that Jon became so concerned that he called Pennsylvania Children & Youth Services and decided to take emergency custody of his daughter.

As expected, the move didn’t sit well with Kate who caused a scene when she stood in front of Jon’s house screaming for her daughter to come home.

When that didn’t work, the 40-year-old Kate Plus 8 matriarch allegedly called the cops three days later and accused her ex-husband of threatening her and leaving Hannah alone while he worked at his DJ gig.

Hannah eventually came home but Jon is reportedly dead set on filing a petition to modify their custody agreement.

This isn’t the first time Jon has raised concerns about the welfare of his children. In 2010, Jon filed legal documents accusing Kate of physically abusing their kids, forcing them to eat moldy food and locking them in their bedrooms at night so they would stop “using the restroom.”

She wasn’t formally charged but was given a warning by a judge.

Kate was also investigated by Children & Youth Services last year over charges that she was abusive to their son Colin.

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