Kate Middleton Says The Queen Is A Typical Great-Grandma

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Kate Middleton opened up about the Queen and her relationship with her great-grandchildren, saying she dotes on them just like any granny would.

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke about her family during a television special that will be broadcast over Easter weekend in the UK and celebrates the Queen's 90th birthday. In the special, Kate says Queen Elizabeth will leave gifts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte if she knows they're coming over, much like any loving grandma.

"She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay," Kate says. "That just shows, I think her love for her family."

Kate also said that while the Queen is especially taken with little Charlotte, it's George who gave her a very special nickname: "Gan-Gan".

"The Queen, she was really thrilled that it was a little girl, and I think as soon as we came back here to Kensington, she was one of our first visitors here," Kate Middleton said.

Kate opened up a little about her own relationship with the Queen, saying she has been very gracious to her since her courtship with Prince William began. She also mentioned that the Queen made a point to make a trip to see the couple in 2012 during her own Diamond Jubilee celebration.

"She's been very generous and not sort of being forceful at all in any of her views. I feel she's been sort of a gentle guidance, really, for me," Kate said. “She was very supportive. The fact she took the time to make sure that I was happy and looked after for that particular occasion … shows just how caring she is, really.”

As for Prince William, he says he's seen outrageous reactions in people meeting the Queen for the first time, proving that she'll never be the sort of grandma who sits at home baking and knitting all day.

“A lot of people get very excited and sort of nervous around her. And I’ve seen some very comical moments. I’ve seen people literally faint in front of her.”

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