Kate McKinnon Gets Personal With Chris Hemsworth in "SNL" Promos

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Kate McKinnon was obviously happy to give Chris Hemsworth a hand in promoting this week's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Chris Hemsworth will be hosting the show, Zac Brown Band will be the musical guests.

If the promos with Kate McKinnon are any indication, Chris Hemsworth is going to be an amazing host.

The two of them shot several promos for the show including one where Kate McKinnon seems to forget her purpose and just stares at Chris Hemsworth through the entire thing.

In another, Kate McKinnon suggests that she and Chris Hemsworth should try the infamous Dirty Dancing lift.

"There's something I've always wanted to do, and you're the perfect host," Kate McKinnon said.

It didn't end well for McKInnon, as is seems Chris Hemsworth has never seen the movie. Instead of using his enormous biceps to lift her into the air, he grabs her as she runs toward him and promptly twists her into a choke hold.

Kate McKinnon says, choking, "You've never seen Dirty Dancing, have you?"

In another, Kate McKinnon plays personal trainer to Chris Hemsworth.

She yells, "Come on, b**ch. Own that! Be the change. Earn it! Think about every time someone told you you couldn't do it! Think about every time someone told you that Liam was the hot one, not Chris!"

The whole time Chris is trying to get pumped up to lift two tiny, maybe three pound, dumbbells.

In another promo, Kate McKinnon tells Chris Hemsworth that she's an incredibly strong woman and challenges him to an arm wrestling match. She then reveals that all of that was just a ruse so that she could touch him.

Get it, Kate McKinnon.

This weeks episode is sure to be hilarious.

What do you think of Kate McKinnon's antics for this week's SNL promos?

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