Kate Mara On Why She Changed Her Hair


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It's not unusual for celebrities to play around with their hairstyles ... different movies or events call for different looks. However, there are times when an actor or actress feels like they just simply need a change.

A change is exactly what the House of Cards star Kate Mara said she needed, and during a recent interview with PEOPLE, she explained why.

It seems as though many of the popular celebrities are going for a shorter new style. Mara just recently cut her long brunette locks into a short bob, and then dyed her hair a light blonde.

A drastic change for the actress that has showcased her auburn hair her whole life. Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence are two other actresses who have made the decision to live it up with the bob.

“I was just ready to not be — this sounds really cheesy — but I didn’t want to be defined by my hair color,” she said. “My hair has always been crazy long and I was just ready to let that go."

While Mara admits that she currently loves her new style, she also explains that she may change it up again. “Obviously the color changes the way makeup looks and the way colors look,” she said. “With my natural red hair I gravitate more towards color, and with the blonder hair I like to wear more neutral things like black and white.” So, what she is saying is that the blonde may be short lived, but she is going to rock it until then.

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Image via Twitter