Kate Mara and Her Role in the Fantastic Four Reboot

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Coming off of her performance as Zoe Barnes in the Netflix series House of Cards, Kate Mara is now stepping into comic book fame as she prepares for her role in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

The film, directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle), will exist in the same world as the X-Men film series. Based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic, it is said to be more "grounded" than previous FF films.

“Well, I don’t know very much about it, which is weird but true!" Mara said when questioned about the upcoming film. "Umm, all I know is that it’s going to be a very different take on the film, which people may not expect . I’m not really familiar with the comic books … I picked up a few when I got the part. I think we’re making a very grounded version of a superhero film. I trust Josh Trank’s vision as I was a huge fan of Chronicle."

Mara is slated to play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, the sister of Johnny Storm/Human Torch (played by Michael B. Jordan). When asked about her costume for the film, the 31-year old American Horror Story actress said that she didn't even know if she had one.

(Gasp!) No spandex?

"I think our film is going to be very different from the other one," she said. "I know they had a lot of spandex involved in that film. I don't know if there are as many spandex suits involved in ours ... I'm not mad about it."

However, Mara is still keeping in shape, citing pilates and Bar Method as her first choices.

"Well, I work out a lot!" she said. "Mentally, I need to work out or else I go crazy. ... If I'm on location shooting, I run a lot. I'm a vegan and I try and eat gluten free, so it's mostly about that. But I let myself have treats as well. I love French fries and red wine. It's my go-to!"

Fantastic Four will be released on June 19, 2015 with a sequel already scheduled for July 14, 2017.

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