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Kate Hudson recently divulged some of her secrets for maintaining her svelte physique during an interview with E!. The 34-year-old mother of two actually follows a fairly laid back plan. There's absolutely no doubt that whatever she does works--and well, too. The daughter of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is a beautiful blonde. She inherited many of her mother's other stunning physical features as well.

Hudson is engaged to Matt Bellamy, and despite rumors of a rift in their relationship, things seem fine between the two. They were spotted cycling recently--as seen in the video clip above--a testament to her relaxed fitness regime.

"My rule is to try and break a sweat six days a week, whether through an intense workout or running around with the kids. I just try to break a sweat," Hudson says.

"I believe that with anything in life, you need motivation. The one thing that women always talk about is how they'd like to find time for themselves to make themselves happy. Being active can be challenging, but it's one of the greatest health benefits," she adds.

Kate Hudson, surprisingly, isn't strict about what she eats.

"I'll eat anything," she admits. "There is nothing that I won't try. I'll try anything, as crazy as it is!"

Kate recently launched her own line of fitness clothing. Called Fabletics, it is replete with her favorite workout staple--leggings. She considers them her one must-have item for following her fitness routine.

"I wear mine to work out, and then, they can be worn out to lunch or to run errands in," she said.

After sharing her thoughts on fitness and diet, Kate Hudson was asked to share a couple of things about herself that her fans might not already know.

"One of the things that people don't know is that I'm a homebody. I love being at home," she said.

"Another thing is that I am completely obsessed with the science of the brain. It's something my mother has passed on to me and that I'm passionate to learn about."

Do these tidbits about Kate Hudson surprise you? How do you suppose you would fare while incorporating her fitness and eating routine? Might you be able to enjoy anything and everything provided you broke a sweat six days a week?

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