Kate Gosselin Tries To Be A Cooler Mom, Gets Tested At Sextuplet's Birthday Party

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TLC’s Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin’s who is known for completely losing it on her eight children reportedly kept her cool during her sextuplet’s 11th birthday celebration.

Gosselin, 40, has been known to spank her brood in anger over minor mishaps.

Surprisingly though, Gosselin stayed true to her promise to her fans that she will change.

Truly a “Monster Mom No More”, Gosellin never showed any breakdown as they celebrated Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah’s 11th birthday together with their 14-year-old twin sisters, and EIGHT friends in a nearly 24-hour celebration.

“I’m not running around trying to find this and that, I got to watch and enjoy them having fun,” she said when asked about how she changed her behavior.

After managing to maintain her composure at the Pennsylvania roller skating rink where they first went, Gosellin took the kids to a pizza dinner at Caruso’s in Lancaster where she, admittedly felt strangely normal. “Just more noise and more kids,” she said.

The huge group’s last stop was the hotel where the kids’ self-decorated cakes were served. Despite the fact that they behaved the whole time during dessert, the biggest test for Gosselin was putting the kids to bed.

Chaos erupted after dessert when the girls realized that the suite they were given for their slumber party was not exactly as promised. It had only one bed whereas the boys’ had four. The  girls started crying about their sleeping arragements, while the boys were being unruly in their room.

“I think you’re all over-tired, over-sugared, and overdone,” Gosselin told her whining daughters.

Finally, she had to put her foot down. “Ask me again next time you’re gonna have a sleepover! Never. Trust me, it’s never happening again.”

You be the judge, has Kate Gosselin really changed her behavior already? Or was it all for the camera?

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