Kate Gosselin: Time Since Divorce Has Been "Best Five Years Of My Life"

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Kate Gosselin recently celebrated her 40th birthday in Mexico with her eight kids and her best friend.

The waves and sun must have put Kate Gosselin in a relaxed mood, because she was ready to talk about life and how it's going for her right now.

In a clip from an episode of Kate Plus 8, she reveals some deep thoughts.

For one thing, Kate Gosselin is sick of people asking if she's dating.

Kate Gosselin said, "I want people to stop asking me if I'm dating. I would like that to end."

She said it offends her because it's "a reminder that here I am, it's just me."

I'm sure that's true and understandable for any 40-year-old single mom.

Kate Gosselin also added, "Don't talk to me about ex situations. I don't define myself with that."

But, Kate Gosselin did mention that the time since her very public and painful divorce from Jon Gosselin has been "the greatest five years of my life."

Kate Gosselin and her kids enjoyed a private birthday lunch at Haab restaurant. They also visited Little Eko Chefs Kitchen.

Then the kids decorated adorable birthday cakes for Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin described her life as a parent, saying, "My ideas haven't changed, my parenting hasn't changed. I'm just doing it alone now."

However, if Kate Gosselin did happen to be on the prowl for a man, she certainly looked the part.

Kate Gosselin looked amazing as she strolled the beach in a bikini.

Not at all like she has given birth to multiple sets of multiples.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin's statements about her ex?

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