Kate Gosselin Talks Parenthood and New TLC Special


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Kate Gosselin's back! The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is reportedly set to star in a new TLC special.

The 39-year-old mother of eight recently stopped by Access Hollywood to dish about the new special. She also gave fans a glimpse of what her life is like raising two teenagers and six 10-year-olds.

"I cannot believe I have teenagers and... six 10-year-olds I don't think my brain goes there. It's crazy! The craziest part is that I'm still alive," Gosselin quipped. "Yes, it's true. I'm not kidding... [the sextuplets] try to act like [their older sisters], and so, at times, it does feel like I have eight teenagers."

She went on to share her perspective of her kids jumping back into the limelight of reality TV. She explained that she did discuss the venture with her children to see how they felt about their lives being captured on camera. Gosselin stated that they were actually quite "excited" about being on television again.

"I would not have signed up for it without asking them. ... I asked them and they were overly excited and wanted to know immediately when the crew was arriving. And so we did it and oddly, it felt like we had never ended, which is interesting."

Over the past couple months, Gosselin has made headlines a number of times due to the criticism she's received about her parenting style and alleged obsession with social media. When asked how she deals with the scrutiny of the media, she simply said that it doesn't concern her, because her children are her main focus.

"Am I concerned about other people's opinions who have no bearing on our everyday actual lives? No. My main concern is the eight human beings who I was put in charge of raising to the best of my ability. ... Do I have all the answers? The answer is no. Do I do everything right? The answer is absolutely not. Do I do my best? One hundred percent of the time."

Contrary to popular belief, Gosselin went on to reveal that she is very strict about her 13-year-old daughters' use of social media and online usage.

"They are not allowed to change their passcode unless they come to me and I record it. I can pick [their phones] up and view it any time because I pay for it and I own it. And they're not allowed to delete any texts. They're not allowed to have the Internet. They're not allowed to answer any calls that are unidentified which means it's not in their contacts... and they're too young for Twitter and Instagram," she explained.

"They're too young to understand the repercussions of photos and words and who they're talking to. I'm certain that wouldn't be different if we were a family that you hadn't heard of."

The first part of Gosselin's new two-part special, Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10, aired Thursday, June 19 at 10:00pm ET. Part two is scheduled to air next Thursday on June 26 at 10:00pm ET only on TLC.

Image via Kate Plus 8, Facebook