Kate Gosselin Says She Doesn't Have An Ego

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Kate Gosselin has gotten a reputation over the years for being somewhat high-maintenance, a fact she's well aware of. On the reality show that followed her family, Jon & Kate Plus 8 (and then just Kate Plus 8), Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon documented their struggle to raise eight young children and maintain a relationship for themselves, something that unfortunately didn't work out, and while she's gotten a lot of the blame for their divorce over the years, she says it's unwarranted.

"People think I'm mean and bitchy, but I'm actually laidback and I don't have an ego!" she told In Touch Magazine.

Kate has been in the headlines quite a bit recently as Jon once again finds the spotlight with DJing gigs, but she said in an interview with E! News that she tries to steer clear of any drama with him, and that only some of their eight children see him. It's unclear what the relationship is like between Jon and the other children, but Kate says she's very focused on making the best life she can for them. So much so, in fact, that she hasn't been in a serious relationship since the divorce.

"I just don't have a lot of time to be out there to be searching for someone! I would love to date! I don't really leave my house very much and that's the truth. I'm just so busy with kids....I don't have a lot of help and it's just so much. I'm really focused on my kids right now, but yeah, if the right person presented themselves, absolutely. I've always said that. My kids still talk about it all the time. Our microwave broke like a week or so ago, and I was trying to take it out, you know, it's like mounted into the thing, and I was trying to get it out and the kids were eating dinner and I have my screwdriver out and Leah said, 'And this is another perfect example of why you should get married again!'" Gosselin said.

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