Kate Gosselin Custody Battle: Is Jon Gosselin Seeking Custody?

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The custody battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin is heating up, with one source saying Jon Gosselin would like to gain full custody of the former couple's eight children. Kate has purportedly been canceling scheduled visits between Jon and the kids, and he's just about reached his breaking point.

"He would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids,” a source told RadarOnline. “He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

The TV thing has long been a strong point of contention between Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband. Although it's only fair to note that Jon Gosselin didn't have much of a problem reaping the benefits of being a reality show star when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was in its heyday.

RadarOnline reported a while back that Jon Gosselin gave up his say about whether or not the eight Gosselin children could appear on TV in exchange for not being court-ordered to pay Kate Gosselin any child support at all. Now it seems, however, that he is seriously considering his legal options, because Kate isn't living up to their prior visitation agreement.

Robert Hoffman recently penned a book in which he makes some very serious allegations about Kate Gosselin. Called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, his list has provided fodder for tabloids, upon which many of them have constructed articles.

It would be interesting to read Hoffman's book and see if the aforementioned allegation appears there as well.

Do you suppose Kate Gosselin has really pushed Jon too far this time? Might he really be considering filing for full custody of the Gosselin children?

More importantly, if he did--would he stand a chance at winning?

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